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Tableau Ondes 2 Jean Hubert Niffac
My work as a painter and designer architect is a personal research
A real passion, a lifestyle.

My creative process forces me to see the world differently.

I have a preference for acrylic glass among other materials for my prints because it allows me to have more toned, denser and more flamboyant colors.


On the other hand, this support allows me to create in another dimension ... light. *
To work in light is to imagine your work in transparency, intensity and in several dimensions.

M y creations are part of contemporary art and design. Close to current environmental concerns, I am often inspired by nature and the place of man at the center of it.


I create decorative and useful objects such as screens and headboards with LED backlighting, coffee tables, original table legs.


I adapt to customer requests; personalized dimensions, colors or special atmosphere.

I can print on different media:
- glass,
- pvc,
- aluminum,
- the paper
- fabric or canvas

From my 3D drawings I can laser cut materials such as wood, pvc, metal, and acrylic glass.

Console droite Papillon Bois et Metal Ch

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